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Improve results by 30%

Monitor every child’s performance in real time

Automatically marked

Give your maths results a boost with Learning Clip + Activexpression

Classroom question and answer handsets combine child-friendly, rugged technology with 1000’s of questions mapped for primary maths curriculum.

Delivering proven gains of 30% in primary classrooms by providing teachers and pupils alike with instant feedback and every question answered. Misconceptions can’t become embedded and teachers can recognise at a glance pupils who are struggling.
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Learning Clip + Activexpression

What is it?

Simple to use, rugged, tried and tested handsets really appeal to children and get them fired up for the task at hand.
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Benefits of LRS
1000’s of Questions - Every KS2 objective is covered by our comprehensive banks of questions and answers.
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Learning Clip + Activexpression

The pupil's experience

  • A new, fun and wholly interactive way to learn
  • Questions are sent automatically to the handset
  • Each pupils enter their answers on the handset,
  • The system tells the pupil if that answer is right and moves on to the next question or repeats the original depending on the teacher’s settings.
  • Misconceptions don’t become embedded.
  • Each pupil works through the questions and at their own speed/pace
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Learning Clip + Activexpression

The teachers's experience

  • You choose the topic and the questions are automatically sent to the pupil's handsets.
  • As pupils answer the questions you have 100% visibility of every right and wrong answer.
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