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Print, mark and annotate, hundreds of primary maths worksheets, all optimised for IWB.


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There are lots and lots of free resources you can use, in full, as often as you like. Try some now.

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The Learning Clip Tablet Tasks App is now available and brings together worksheets and classroom tablet technology in one easy to use package.

Hundreds of tasks

Choose from hundreds...

of KS2 Science and KS2 Grammar and Punctuation worksheets, all mapped to the curriculum.

Each worksheet comes with a presentation slide so you can introduce the topic if required or you can simply set the task on your classroom iPads or tablets and let your pupils approach the worksheets at their own pace.

More than a worksheet

But Tablet Tasks is much more than just digital worksheets.

As your pupils complete the worksheets on their tablets or iPads, you can see in real-time who is getting the answers right or wrong. This allows you or a Teaching Assistant to step in immediately and deal with any misunderstandings around the core concept before they become embedded.

In a single class you can set three different topics at the same time to suit the skill level for your pupils. And with 38 devices able to connect as well as corresponding printable copies of the worksheets, whatever your classroom situation, we got you covered.

All you need is a free Learning Clip teacher account. Watch our video to see just how easy the tasks are to use.

Learning Clip App for the Classroom

Why use Tablet Tasks App?

  • Hundreds of KS2 Science and KS2 Grammar & Punctuation activities
  • All activities aligned to the curriculum
  • No need to set your own questions, the software has it all included
  • Up to 38 devices per class
  • All worksheets can also be printed if you don't have tablets for the whole class
  • Instant feedback on ALL pupils
  • Save hours in lesson planning

Same App across many device platforms

Get the app for your device here:

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