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Individual Subscription

If you'd like to get more Learning Clip resources you can start an Individual Subscription. If you'd like your whole school to have access to Learning Clip resources you can start a School Subscription.

What can I subscribe to?

Individual subscriptions are offered on a 'year group' basis - you can subscribe to a single year group or multiple year groups, and your subscription length will be 1 year. Click on any of the Year Group links above to see all their resources.

What’s in a subscription?

Individual year group subscriptions contain worksheets, activities and videos specific to that year group. Subscribing to the content for a year group allows access to all the resources listed under that year group. To see exactly which resources each year group contains click its link in the site header. Remember you can Try before you Buy and access as many time limited previews of the activities as you like to make sure your subscription pack contains the resources you want.

Pricing Illustrations
A 1 year subscription to 1 year group (e.g. year 3) = £26 (GBP)
A 1 year subscription to 2 year groups (e.g. year 1 & 2) = £36 (GBP)
A 1 year subscription to 4 year groups (e.g. year 3, 4, 5 & 6) + the class login = £66 (GBP)
A 3 year subscription to 1 year group (e.g. year 5) = £61 (GBP)

Want to get more from your subscription?

For a flat payment the Class Login allows you to set a password your whole class (up to 38) can use to login and access all of the resources you can. Ideal for use in an ICT suite or on your class net books and laptops.

What do I do next?

You have to be logged in to purchase the Learning Clip subscription content so if you haven't registered already why not register now. You should also check that your Internet connection, computer hardware and software will run our free unregistered resources to your satisfaction before subscribing.

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Prefer paper?

You can print a full list of the resources belonging to each year group from these PDFs.

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